Monday, August 09, 2010

Spring Mill Cafe

Wade's Take:

Suburban brunch done right.

The Spring Mill Cafe is a charming, homey restaurant that looks quaint and worn from afar. You sit in an eclectically decorated dinging room that once served as the restaurant's general store. Worn books partially fill the room's many bookshelves. Their tattered covers reflect the origin of the Spring Mill Cafe's chef. A "Tour of Morocco," "Modern French Baking," "Gladwyne: A Historical Perspective," ... these books tell of the varied past of Spring Mill Cafe's owner - Michele Haines. Michele's history with food shows in all the dishes.

I chose the truffled chicken liverpate as my starter. It was served with slices of crusty french baguette, bitter gherkins and grainy Dijon mustard. The pate was smooth, yet rich. It didn't have the lingering bite of bitter that some pates can have (e.g. the ones I make at home). Combined with the gherkins and mustard, I was loving life.

My entree was the smoked salmon sandwich. Thick slices of flaky salmon snuggled with cucumbers and a dill spread in between hearty slices of pumpernickel. It came mix a mixed green salad that had the perfect sprinkling of her lemon vinaigrette atop the leaves. This dish was light and refreshing.

Coffee by La Columbe and and air of relaxation made the Spring Mill Cafe even more desirable. I will be back, with more friends!

3.5 out of 4.

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