Monday, January 15, 2007

Waterworks Restaurant

With this post we begin our true rating of Philly restaurants. Yes, we've been going to a new restaurant every month for three years, but here is the great moment where we officially crown ourselves Philly Foodies! Please don't discount the posts previous to this post, they are honest and true, if not a little sparce and lacking of detail. Enjoy and EAT ON!

WADE's take -

It’s 9:00 pm, an hour after my dinner at The Water Works. I’m sitting at my laptop, stuffing hard pretzels and sweet bologna slices in my mouth. Why am I snacking right now? I’m not full from dinner. Why aren’t I full from dinner? Because I didn’t lick my plate clean, let alone even finish my entrée. Hungry an hour later? That’s a true sign I didn’t dig a place.

Tonight’s dinner at The Waterworks wasn’t exactly a wash. It was a good meal, and a great locale. The location screams for happy occasions of all Philadelphia sorts. It’s easy to imagine the multitude of marriage proposals, graduation dinners, bridal showers and out-of-town parental visits filling the tables. In fact, it’d be perfect for all of those things. The Waterworks just doesn’t make my list as a spot to sample the best of Philly’s cuisine.

The water menu was overwhelming – we basically randomly selected what we’d be drinking (whatever it was – it was bubblicious, crisp and quite good).

The famous octopi were not available that night for an appetizer. We were crushed. Instead, I ordered lollipop lamb chops. This dish was worthy of being an entrée. The lemon-mint yogurt sauce was vibrant and refreshing. The lamb was tender and brimming with it’s own juices. Delicious.

I ordered duck for my entrée, like always. I’m not sure why I keep ordering this bird. It’s a risk every time you order that it’ll be a typical chunk of duck smothered in over-sweetened demi-glace or sauce a l’orange. The duck wasn’t bad – but the sweetened mashed potatoes put it way over the top (not to my liking).

Dessert led to a gain in points. I’ll let Jess talk about that more. Basically it was chocolate, crème and nutmeggy deliciousness.

I will go back, and when I do, it’ll be for dessert and drinks at the bar, and maybe another try at ordering that famous octopi.

3 tentacles out of 4.

JESS' take -

Not fabulous, at least not what I was expecting. Especially because we couldn't wait for this restaurant to open... hey, its walking distance. Worth mentioning is the dessert. Delectable, wonderful and chocolaty. I'll second Wade's dessert and drinks at the bar, but not another dinner.

2 tentacles out of 4.

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