Friday, May 25, 2007


Jess' Take:

This week it was just Wade and I for dinner, as Dave was stuck in NY traffic (not to worry, I brought him home some sushi, so he could share in the culinary experience). This was a tough one, because we had just recently eaten at Uzu, one of the best sushi joints in town. The look, feel and location of Zento were familiar to Uzu… small (although not quite as small), BYO, Old City. Unfortunately, the similarities ended there.

Wade and I shared identical meals, beginning with the Miso soup, which was good, but nothing to write home about (and what is next to Morimoto’s miso soup?). We then ordered several pieces of sushi and several of their more unique rolls. The first disappointment came when we tried to pick up the sushi. The rice fell apart almost immediately, splashing into the soy sauce. So we ended up eating a piece of sashimi and clumps of rice afterward. While the fish was good, it was not excellent (again, Uzu was fresh in our minds). The rolls provided a more enjoyable experience. However, I’m picky about my rolls (who isn’t?) and hate when tuna is in the form of small, left over pieces, rather than whole, cut pieces. I just imagine the sushi chef taking all of the remains from the tuna sashimi and sushi and mushing it together inside the roll… which may very well be what happens. Although we weren’t completely stuffed when we were finished (as we like to be), we decided not to order any more, but for a hot second did contemplate making a quick stop into Uzu for a roll… for the road.

Overall it was good, but not impressive. If you’re in the neighborhood, there are better choices.

I give it two pieces of fallen rice out of a possible four.

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