Thursday, May 27, 2010


Jess’ Take:
I’m really loving this brunch thing we have going on. It gets us out and together on the weekend and there’s no stress of the work day weighing us down. It also opens up a bunch of new options for restaurants, like the one we hit this month, Slate. Located on 21st street, the weather was warm and wonderful so we sat outside to take it in.

The brunch menu isn’t extensive, but includes some interesting choices, like short rib mac and cheese and braised pork n’ cheddar. I went for the local beef burger myself, which was piled high with sautéed “ale” onions. Unfortunately I’m still on a no-dairy diet, so I had to forgo the boursin, but even without it this was an amazing burger. Actually, it was surprisingly good. I typically save my red meat consumption for something that is truly special and I’m glad that I decided to go for it, because this burger certainly was. Accompanied with cilantro fries, the dish was indulgent and delicious. Paired with a spicy bloody mary, I floated through the rest of the day on a brunch high (as well as a very full stomach).

I hope to find myself back at Slate sometime soon. And hopefully by then I can go for the boursin! Slate, I give you 4 out of 4 lazy Sunday brunches.

Wade's Take:

I'm with the lady on this one, brunch is the new dinner. For us, anyway. Slate proved to be a great choice.

I selected the short rib mac and cheese and a side of the home fries. It was a carb party, that's for sure.

The mac and cheese was the four cheese variety - I could detect pecorino romano and a smoky cheese, maybe a Gruyere. The short rib meat was aplenty. It was a satisfying dish that would only have been better if topped with some crunch of panko.

The home fries I'm still thinking about. Although they may have been to sodium-rich for some, for me they were perfection. The potatoes were sliced thin and seasoned with garlic and pepper. They were dense, yet prepared thin enough to be eaten voraciously (which I did). The edges were crisp and browned from pan-frying. Excellent.

Slate's slated for 3.5 out of 4 carbs.

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