Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Crescent City

This time we decided to grade, and we give Crescent City an A-/B+
We all got fish. The Chilean sea bass was the best. The Red Snapper was a little tough. We ordered the pulled pork spring rolls and shrimp and alligator sausage for appetizers. Both great. Amazing, and huge chocolate dessert (and really, what could be better?!). Great service (but not very full on a Tuesday night). Pretty pricey.

Victor's (at the Comcast Center)

In conjunction with a Flyers Game (GO FLYERS!). The food was surprisingly good (except Dave's bland crab and mushroom pasta). Jess had salmon, it was awesome. Wade had steak, again, awesome. Pretty pricey though.

Bar Ferdinand

We, the hipsters, have taken your beloved Amada and made it our own and in our own town..........Yes friends, if you want some great Tapas and the company isn't paying or you can't get a reservation head north to the liberties (don't you dare stop at Finnegan's) to Bar Ferdinand. Great wine list by the glass (go for the Jumilla). Great food. Favorite dish- skirt stake with quail egg. Props to Wade for thinking to order that one. If you want a romantic dinner for two or meet for an interview, this is not the place (what did you say?! I can't hear you). If you want to have good food and a boisterous good time, this is a good find. 3 out of 4

Jamaican Jerk Hut

Warning...this is not a good blind date place...this is not a place to take your grandparents to show them that Philadelphia really is a clean and safe place. Come here only if you want bad ass Caribbean delights. Best Rotis I've had outside the islands. Bring your own. Definitely a beer place, not wine. Staff is low key and friendly so you better be in the same mood or go somewhere else. Best bet is to sit outside (around the back) on a nice day. I like going here after mountain biking with a 6 pack because no one cares if you’re sweaty. Oh yeah....it's really cheap!! 3 spliffs out of 4


An Olde City BYO. It's the typical formula. Jam a fresh new BYO in a small space to make it look more crowded and hip to the max. I get it. Make it cozy, comfortable and intimate.

In a city filled with BYO's, this one just didn't make the best of list.


An enjoyable italian byo in Rittenhouse. Worth a taste.

Audrey Claire

Restaurant Week. Very small and intimate; loud. The food was awesome. Jess had little neck clams and mussels for app; salmon for dinner. Wade had mussels and sausage for app; trout for dinner (a little bland); Dave had special prossuto salad for app; short ribs for dinner. We could have done without dessert. Dave had the crème brulee for dessert and they accidentally caramelized salt at first, and he had to send it back. Once it was right he said it was good, but he’s had better. Wade and I both go the chocolate cake, which was pretty good, a little dry and the raspberry accent was more of a raspberry jam. Overall a great experience and will definitely go on the “go back to” list.

Marigold Kitchen

The site is a house turned into restaurant, very cute. Bathroom was awesome. Jess liked her dish, but Dave’s pork was very fatty and Wade was disappointed in his dish. Definitely the snooty Penn crowd.


Love it! One of the best restaurants in Philly. There was some mix up with our reservation, and they had us for the next night, and even though they were booked solid, they still accommodated us. The service was great. Food was even better.


Shrimp ceviche - on the money. Tasty and eclectic, even during our restaurant week visit.

Old Original Bookbinders

Restaurant week. We all ordered snapper soup as app. Pretty good, very heavy. Jess ordered BBQ shrimp (not anything like New Orleans). Very heavy cream sauce, bland. Not very impressive. Wade go the salmon with mash. Good, but nothing special. Dave got the skate. The fish was great, but the sauce was terrible. We all got peanut butter pie for dessert – very sweet. Tasted like it came out of a freezer or could have gotten from a TGI Fridays. Overall the whole experience was very old school - attendant in bathroom, enough cream and butter to kill a grown man. Don't need to go back.

Isla Verde

In the ghetto! Good ceviche, but not worth the trip North. Very authentic. English was a second language for everyone there (except us!).

Carmine's Creole Restaurant

Jess and Dave visit the 'burbs! They sang Green Acres the whole time they tred on this foreign (non-city) soil.

The J & D visited Wade's new Narberthian pad, and we hit the bayou too - at Carmine's. They'd just relocated to Narb at the time (now they are in Bryn Mawr).

So how does Carmine's get such good press? Apparently, someone at Philadelphia Magazine owes someone at Carmine's a gigantic life debt. The mag is obsessed with Carmine's. Loves it. We found it okay at best. Two suburbanites out of four.

Crescent City has got da creole done right, chere. Hit dat joint when you wan da good stuff.


The tables are too low for Wade's liking. Ambient, trance-like music was a little disturbing. A little stingy with the bread, but good dipping sauce. Brie appetizer very good (although, too many pears, not enough cheese). All the entrees are enjoyable. No desserts, so really can't make complete comparison. French press, La Colombe coffee, mmmmm."


The MOST unique and entertaining menu descriptions I have ever seen. Who ever thought that lynching a filet could be such a good idea. Some treats. First, the chips. Very good home made tortilla chips. Beware of those marinade veggies. They look safe but are very hot. Good, but hot. Next....Ceviche. Ceviche is almost always great but usually very expensive. Tequila's brings you the great taste at a reasonable price. Their recipe most resembles the Ceviches I've tasted in Puerto Rico rather than the fancy ones you get at Alma or Pasion. On top of the great food is the entertaining service. Don't be surprised by waiter serving you a drink on top of his head. 3.5 Tequila shots out of 4


You've heard it before and you'll hear it again. Go for the desserts.

Philly Cooks


Loved it, but alas, it's closed already.


Siam Lotus

We have gone back here so many times that they give us hugs when we enter the door. The slightly strange Mieng Caam is like a party on your tongue. The Kang Dang, Kang Karee and Penang are awesome. Don't let the scary neighborhood keep you from this place, it's worth the trip. Oh, it's easy to find. Right between the gun shop and pistol range. 3.5 glocks out of 4


One of the best in Philly! At the top of the "return to list" (when we're feeling a little rich that is).


Definitely on the "go back to again and again" list.

La Boheme

Ah yes. La Boheme. We left Jess stranded here for hours before Dave and I arrived - lest us never forget.


St. Jack's/Plough in the Stars

We were still working out the kinks at this point. St. Jack's was a restaurant that we'd all never been to... but when we arrived it was closed, so alas we found ourselves at an old stand by Plough in the Stars. Always a good choice, especially on a chilly Philly day.