Thursday, May 29, 2008


Dave's Take:
Coquette is a solid performer. First, the place has a great feel. Think of it as the love child of Sanson Street Oyster House and Beau Monde. It has that New Orleans, French Quater type feel. Very comfortable and very chill with a touch of class and character. The antesesis of Steven Starr.
We started out the dinner right. Martinis all around. My compadres got ambitious and went for the Oyster Martini's. I'm sure they will elaborate. Me, preferring to keep my oysters on the shell, opted for a Hendrick's up. Big glasses when filled to the proper amount went 3/4 up the rim. This makes total sense to me. Don't cheap out on the tiny glasses that spill over over the place when the server is bringing them over. Put it in a proper glass. Thanks Coquette.
The food is also strong at Coquette. I got a beet salad to start out. Wonderful roasted red & yellow beats with microgreens. Simple and Tasty, a great way to enjoy the breaking of summer. Would certainly suggest. I'm happy. My second course arrives, seared scallops. These were cooked well, and by that I mean seared, not cooked, with the tenderness and flavor preserved. They were served over little neck clams and a thin brith with sweet corn chowder and ample amounts of butter. It was very good.
The real winner here is the prix fix menue. Wade & Jess went with that and it was a steal. $30 bucks gets you an oyster app, an entree, a dessert, and a glass of wine. This is a great deal! Wade's steak frites were a little tough, especially for being med rare, but it was seasoned well and the fries were great. The desserts that came with the dishes were not memorable, but at $30 for the whole deal, you don't have to eat it.
To sum it up for me, Coquette, is a great place to have a comfortable dinner with friends or family. The feel is great and the food is good. I don't feel however that you will be blown away by anything so it may not stick out in your mind when thinking of all the places to eat in the city. But luckily for Coquette, the world needs solid performers and a bistro with a great feel fills that role perfectly.
Coquette joins the ranks of the select group of QV gems that prove there is more to that area than Fat Tuesdays (Ansil, Gayle & Latest Dish to name my other fav's)
3.5 out of 4

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