Friday, February 08, 2008

Las Bugambilias

Dave's Take:
Las Bugambilias, aka, Tequila's 2 is a vibrant and tasty option. I say Tequila's 2 because the chef spent many years at the ridiculously scrumptious pillar of gastronomy but also because it had almost an identical feel. The food was very similar and tastefully prepared, the playfully kooky atmosphere was similar. Even the glasses were the same style (probably the same distributor, just a different color). Saying that, it does not exceed Tequilas in any way nor did it seem any cheaper. The Guacamole was great (a must of any self-respecting Mexican eatery) and my roasted pork entrée was very tasty but they would have been a Tequilas.Here's the deal- if you are in Old City, South street, Queens Village (watch out for exploding buildings), and craving some great Mexican go to Las Bugambilias. If you are anywhere else, go to the original. Las Bugambilias is Tequilas younger brother and will no doubt mature with age, but it needs to cut it's own path and stop living in the shadows (see Eli Manning). But like a sorority girl at a Union League meeting, I'm looking for a rich, mature sugar-daddy experience, and sticking with one of my all time fav's, Tequilas.3 Tecate's out of 4. Disclaimer- If I had not been to Tequilas before, Las Bugambilias would get a 4 out of 4, but like Iron Chef, you can be great and still not be the greatest (we love you Mario Batali). Now concludes my vague, pop-culture infused write-up.

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